Staffa. The Island

Fingals cave Isle of Staffa                                          

In 1829 the german composer Felix Mendelssohn visited Staffa
and with the memory of this wondrous Isle gave him his
inspiration for the immortal FINGALS CAVE.
As one approaches Staffa, the island seems to be supported by
these nature built basalt columns and a short walk alongside these
columns leads us to the entrance of Fingals cave.
The entrance to the cave is about 60ft. high and 50ft wide with
the cave extending inwards to about 235ft.
Around 50 million years ago there had been intensive volcanic
activity in this area, leading to a massive lava flow stretching
well into the Atlantic ocean. Today we can marvel at the steady
cooling down of the lava as it started to cool when coming
into contact with the colder bedrock. Resulting in the just
about perfect hexagonal columns which we can see today.  
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Staffa part of colonade
Part of the great Colonade   

                                          Entrance to Fingals cave on Staffa

      Entrance to Fingal`s Cave



Nature`s clown of birds, the Puffin can be seen on the island of Staffa from around early May till mid August. These colourful birds of the sea give great pleasure to many of the visitors who flock to Staffa.