The secluded habitat of Gannets, Puffins and storm Petrels.
 The Treshnish island group lies north-east to south-east off the west coast of the Island of Mull and are in fact the eroded remnants of a Lava sheet.The main islands being Cairnburg Beag, Cairnburg Mor, Fladda and Lunga. Cairnburg Beag still has the ruins of a mediaeval castle. Lunga, which is the island visited by the Staffa Marine launches, holds may delights and views for the visitor especially during the summer breeding season, amongst them you will find, gannets, guillemots of which there is a vast colony, storm petrels can be seen also and everyones favourite the puffin. The puffin is one bird who delights in seeing the visitor as their presence deters their predators from coming to close to them and so gives a great photo opportunity. Lunga also gives the visitor time to explore the ruins of some of the old croft houses where the islanders had lived trying to eke out their livelihood. It was also in these old dwellings that the famous botanist Darling had set up whilst studying this island so once again the visitor can retrace some of his steps in the many trails throughout the island and along parts of the shoreline to perhaps some of the many fossils that still remain to be discovered.

launch bringing visitors ashore day trip to Lunga island of lunga                                                                 Looking out towards the Atlantic ocean

   Puffin nesting on Lunga    

                                                                                               Puffins on Lunga
The puffin colony are always a delight for the visitor when on Lunga.

Lunga is one of a group of islands lying of the west coast of Mull, which collectively are known as the Treshnish Isles.  For the ornithologist and anyone interested in natural history this island is a must.

Photography on Lunga

Harp rock

The Harp Rock on Lunga

gannet colony isle of LungaOpposite is part of the gannet colony which reside here on the Harp Rock.

One of the best times to visit the Island of Lunga is June till end of August when therre is plenty of time to observe the young gannet chicks.